Royal honey testesterone booster

Royal honey testesterone booster

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– ETUMAX Royal Honey is an instant source of energy to enhance male vitality.

– Pure honey fortified with selected mixture of rainforest herbs (Tongkat Ali and Ginseng)

– Nutritious honey enriched with vital biomolecules in, Bee larva

– 100% Genuine from Malaysia



ROYAL HONEY contains:

  • 100% Pure Honey,
  • fortified with Royal Jelly,
  • Bee Polen and fine mixture of Rain Forest Herbs.
  • rich in protein minerals, vitamins, amino acids and digestive enzymes.
  • immediate source of energy, which stimulates the absorption of nutrients, improves complexion,

prevents ageing and possesses cooling effect in the body.

  • It does not contain any preservatives, artificial coloring and flavor.



– Enhance immunity

– Prevent arthritis and multiple sclerosis

– Slow the signs of aging

– Stimulate hair growth

– Improve sexual performance

– Reduce symptoms of menopause

– Accelerating the healing and consolidation of fractured bones

– Lower cholesterol

– Alleviate cardiovascular ailments

– Remedy liver disease, pancreatic, insomnia, fatigue, ulcers, and digestive and skin disorders

– Reduce tiredness and overwork, asthenia, anxiety states, insomnia and anorexia

– Enhancing the synthesis of testosterone

– Increase the energy level

– Increase in sexual response and sperm quality



1 Sachet once a day recommended for maintaining energy levels for long term performance &

regaining vigour and vitality




Usage for men :


Add one sachet ( 10 g ) to one glass of cold water ( 200 ml ), and consume every 5 days once,

after lunch or dinner.

The contents of the sachetmay be administered every 5 days once without being added to water