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Yong Yang

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onggang power capsule

All Natural SEX Enhancer.

YongGang Tablets – Chinese herbal medicine,

1 Tin of 8 Tablets — 750mg each

– Increased Erection Ability
– Bigger, Rock-Hard Erections
– Increased Sexual Drive & Desire
– Amazing Strength, Stamina and Energy!
– Total Satisfaction For You and your partner
– Incredible Sexual Performance and Pleasure
– Better Health of Important Body Functions
– The Greatest Sex Life You Ever Had!
– Greater Confidence & Reduced Anxiety

Comments from buyers:

“It was depressing when my wife was in the mood for sex and I just wasn’t interested. Then she suggested me to try this new herbal tablet about which she found on the Internet. I said OK lets try and ordered YongGang. I must say since the day I have taken the tablet for the first time my wife has been so happy and I am happy to be able to fulfill her desires once again.” Tony, 49 years, Germany

“I only have to say…Wow. I was really skeptic, but taking YongGang had changed that. YongGang instantly helped me. I took one pill about an hour before and it
worked sensationally. It is everything they claim it is. As long as you are engaged in sexual activity YongGang will hold up it’s end of the bargain!”Andy, 49 years, South Africa

“It is a fantastic and amazing product. My wife loves it. We both feel our sexual life is back to normal.” Christer Thomas55 years, Denmark

YongGang Ingredients (each tablet):

Chinese Yam 150 mg
Licorice Root 75 mg
Gorgon Fruit Lily 112.5 mg
Chinese Chive Seed 112.5 mg
Chinese Wolfberry fruit 75 mg
Jobs Tears Seeds 112.5 mg
Bitter Cardamom 112.5 mg